When it comes to the latest innovations, nothing escapes us. Our dedicated IT and R&D teams combine their extensive expertise with ongoing international research to ensure that VaultGroup remains at the forefront of the storage industry. Our installations across South Africa are fully serviced by dedicated maintenance teams, along with a 24-hour support desk.

Featuring an electronic keyless interface with time-delayed functionality and a modular design, CellVault™ ultra-secure lockers are ideal for protecting high-value items in a variety of sectors and applications.

Introducing CellVault™ Plus, a discreet but serious vault for securing additional stock or valuables in bulk.

Designed with versatility and convenience in mind, PackVault™ can be installed virtually anywhere to facilitate easy deliveries, collections, storage and safekeeping for a range of goods in both private and public spaces.

A smart heat management solution specialising in restaurant and fast food deliveries and collections. Each locker is insulated with a special polystyrene coating to ensure heat is kept inside the locker, and the food as warm as it arrived.

Combining all of our smart storage solutions in a single space, HubVault allows customers to collect from multiple retailers in one location with a variety of Click ‘n Collect lockers, as well as a dressing room and returns section.

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